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CITS Store

CITS Store
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The computer industry in Australia is forever evolving because of pivotal advancements in electronics and information technology areas. We strive to sell the highest quality products manufactured from here in Australia, as well as, globally from leading companies. We stock state of the art computer network related equipment, UPS and accessories for Audio Visual markets in a competive market.


26 Electronics Categories - CITS Store

Ac Power Supplies (34 other websites)
We have an Ac Power supply for CCTV security systems.
Ac-dc Power Supplies (34 other websites)
We have Ac-dc Power Supplies to choose from for security systems.
Antistatic Products (15 other websites)
An ideal anti-static ESD plug acts as a piggy-back and connects to ESD mat for...
Audio Visual Accessories (16 other websites)
Huge range of VGA video and Audio splitters for the electrical Visual industry.
Audiovisual Equipment (28 other websites)
Audio video Equipment for computers and TVs.
Cable Accessories (41 other websites)
Cable management ties for fastening wires securely and tidly in vehicles, meter board...
Cables & Wiring (34 other websites)
Cables for many different types stereo, mono, phono, RCA, video, audio music devices.
Coaxial Cable (43 other websites)
Coaxial Cable for broadband applications and for television coax cable connections.
Coaxial Connectors (31 other websites)
Coaxial Connectors for coax cables.
Crimping Tools (28 other websites)
Huge range of Crimping Tools for coaxial, ethernet and telephone cables.
Dvi Connector (17 other websites)
High quality Dvi female To Dvi female adapter.
Electronic Connectors (13 other websites)
Auto electrical quick connect spade Connectors for car audio and Electronic accessories.
Electronic Testing Instruments (7 other websites)
Electrical Testing safety probe leads.
Esd Bags (3 other websites)
A selection of Esd items to work on electronic devices to prevent Esd static damage.
Headphone Jack Cable (7 other websites)
Stereo Headphone Cable to listen to your music with 6.35mm Jack connections.
Idc Connectors (24 other websites)
We stock Idc Connectors for computers and telephone wiring applications.
Portable Usb Storage (10 other websites)
A wide range of Titan Portable Usb memory sticks and Usb2.0 Storage flash drives.
Power Outlets (28 other websites)
A wide range of power board outlets for computers and server rack mount Power Outlets.
Signal Isolators (12 other websites)
We sell shielded cabling products that reduce Signal crossover and Signal loss.
Soldering Equipment (25 other websites)
We sell leading brands Soldering irons for example Weller and Hakko products
Soldering Paste (4 other websites)
We stock solder Paste and solder flux products
Subwoofer Cables (14 other websites)
Suitable for Sub-woofers, Centre channel and other audio home theatre speaker equipment.
Test And Measurement Instrumentation (14 other websites)
checks for cable continuity, miss-wiring, open, short, straight through or cross pining
Uninterruptible Power Supply (38 other websites)
PowerShield® Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS and AVR devices to protect...
USB Card Reader (29 other websites)
We have a wide range of USB Card Readers.
Wrist Straps (8 other websites)
ESD Wrist Straps, ESD field service kits, ESD mats, ESD grounding cord and ESD earth plug.