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Corporeal IT Solutions

Corporeal IT Solutions We are an Australian based electronics reseller that supplies products to computer related business as well as accessories for the audio visual home theatre industry. CITS supplies customers with products and services that meet ACMA specifications: •Adaptors Connectors for computers •Audio Video Cables for home theatre •Balun impedance equipment •Cables types are Coaxial, Component, HDMI, Printer, RCA and SoundLink Speaker wires •RG6 Crimping Tools and Krone IDC punch down tool •Modular CAT6 Crimp Plugs •CAT6 SFTP Cables Shielded Foil Twisted Pair CAT6 Patch Cables •Splitters and switches for DVI, HDMI, USB and VGA •Security Systems & DYI Security Systems •Test equipment for fault finding i.e. cables and computers •Video Splitters and Electronic VGA Switch Boxes


15 Electronics Categories - Corporeal IT Solutions

Cable Connectors (36 other websites)
We have BNC compression Connectors, PAL plugs and F compression Connectors.
Cables & Wiring (34 other websites)
Component video Cables and RGB types available.
Coax Cable (34 other websites)
Television Cables and TV PAL to PAL 75 ohms Cable type
Crimping Tools (28 other websites)
RJ45 Crimping tool and IDC Krone punch down tool available
Dc Power Supplies (57 other websites)
We have several Dc Power supply packs available to select from.
Dc-dc Power Supplies (20 other websites)
See our DC to DC Power supply items in our range.
Dvi Connector (17 other websites)
Dvi Connector and HDMI connectors available online via our shopping cart
Electronic Equipment (46 other websites)
Built-in Transient Voltage Suppressor surge protection. Eliminate tearing & cross-talk
Electronic Filters (8 other websites)
We have noise Filters built-in to the baluns and in the transmitters and receiver devices.
Electronic Testing Instruments (7 other websites)
We stock Electronic Testing products for fault finding and miss-wiring problems.
Headphone Jack Cable (7 other websites)
High quality stereo Headphone Jack Cables and headphone extension cables 6.5mm
Home Security (71 other websites)
Ideal Home Security CCTV kits for easy setup for use in home environments.
Power Supplies (164 other websites)
Power supply transformers for laptops and inside car cigarette lighter Power supply...
Security System (57 other websites)
CCTV Security Systems for home and office available.
Xbox Adapter (6 other websites)
Xbox 360 adaptors and Xbox gaming supplies available.